The Mooresburg Community and the MCA family has lost a dear friend, George Moore

George Moore grew up in a time when Mooresburg was a small hamlet. His family lived right in the “heart” of Mooresburg, across from the Mooresburg Baptist Church and his father ran the Mooresburg Mill, across the street from what is now the Green Tomato Grill. He got his nickname from waving “bye” to people as they drove on what is now “old 11-W” that ran in front of his house.

He was always proud of his last name and could recite his genealogy—relating back to the original Moores who founded Mooresburg.

George really loved his wife Ruby, who passed away several years ago. He relished telling the story that Ruby told him that she wouldn’t marry him until he stopped drinking. So after several years, he got the message and they were married over 50 years.

When the MCA first got started, we sent out a letter to everyone in Mooresburg telling them about what we were trying to do. George really wanted to help out. So he showed up one day in his old black truck and proudly gave me the first real donation that we got for the program. He said that he always believed that Mooresburg needed something for “those old folks” and he was proud that we were getting something started (he was in his mid-eighties at the time).

Years went by and the time finally came that George needed a helping hand. He started getting meals about 6 years ago and every single time we came to the door he would say “hey, dinner time”. He continued on the program until a couple of months ago when he became ill. He died just a couple of weeks short of his 98th birthday.

A few months ago he agreed to be interviewed about his feelings about the program and this is what he said:  

Q: When the community center first was starting, you helped them start, cause you gave them a donation. So why did you decide that it was important to have a community center in Mooresburg? What were you thinking?

A: Well, it just comes in handy and everything, that community center does.  It’s a great help to the community — bringing old people their meals and everything. Saves them cooking, it’s a great help.

George Moore

George Moore

 Photo contributor: Barbara Grover